Enable improvements in health, working with disadvantaged communities to support local health strategies.


  • Increase access to health care and information
  • Improve Health
  • Reduce social isolation
  • Increase awareness on healthy living
  • Actively promote equality for disadvantaged latinoamericans through the service delivery, marketing, evaluation and mangement of the sercice delivered.

The service to provide a timely, sensitive and efficient response to disadvantage Hispanics/Latinos’ needs.

The team provides a dedicated telephone and email services four days a week and develops information for services user’s health education and prevention. Website, as well as editing the service’s programme.

In addition on health events and seminar presentation days you will be able to discuss issues with the health professionals and with other volunteers. We therefore need your up-to-date address details to send your invitations. 

Leaders in:

  • User involvement and healthcare services.
  • Training toolmaker for community health and well being.

Our programme will help you improve your quality of life and understand the benefits and principles of user involvement.

Provide the skills and competencies needed to engage users in the decision making.

Sign posting to the right direction and learn how to find further information.

Familiarise participants with the involving services users in community health and well being.

Health Topics:

We are providing a wide range of seminars workshops on health education and health promotion once a month. This development services for Hispanics/Latino in Greater London with long term medical condition such as diabetes, coronary heart and cardiovascular diseases including high cholesterol and high blood pressure opportunistic health checks.

Older People

Advocate on their behalf if is the case, exploring care policies and services, age discrimination to increase access to services that they are entitled to improve their health and well being.

The Health Initiative and the Elderly fitness Club are aimed to increase access to physical activity in a cultural way and language, taking into account individual health needs rather than the whole group that particularly affect Hispanic/Latino Londoners.

Health in London

Looking to the future to increase access to health and social care issues that affects Londoners rapidly expanding with more services in a cultural diverse capital city through supporting local health strategy working in partnership with London Boroughs.

The Healthy’s Adults Clinic for the Over 40s.
Open every Tuesday from 1:00 p.m.
Further information
e-mail casaha@btinternet.com

Clinica para el Adulto Sano.

Aseguramos un buen cuidado para las personas mayores. Securing Good Care for Older People

Ofrecemos la oportunidad para que usted sea valorado y para identificar aquellas personas que estan en alto riesgo de padecer enfermedades cardiovasculares, infartos y derrames y asi nosotros poder extender nuestros servicios.

Este servicio incluye:

  • Chequeo medico para pacientes nuevos
  • Revision de los medicamentos
  • Manejo de tu peso

Muchos de los que ya estan atendiendo a la clinica se les esta ofreciendo un seguimiento en:

  • Chequeo de la Presion Arterial
  • Chequeo del Colesterol
  • Tabaquismo
  • Control de la glicemia

Martes y Jueves de 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. con cita previa

Usted puede contactar los Servicios de Ayuda/Support Services por correo electronico, telefono. Nosotros le responderemos en el termino de una semana. Si ud hace notar que es urgente, nosotros nos aseguraremos que directamente el profesional de salud indicado le preste la mejor ayuda.

We want to achieve this through a series of activities and services available to more disadvantage people whose first language is not English to raise health awareness and health prevention and health promotion programs working together with Local health strategies to improve Hispanics/Latinos lives London wide.

Training is available to our health promoters or any other support workers.

  CAB is the unique community health and well-being organization in Greater London making connections across the sector

The organisation is guided by both local and national health strategies and policy. At national level for Charitable Companies and by the Health of the Nation, “Our Health, Our Care, Our Say”–White Paper 2006 and healthy communities at local level namely:

  • Identifying inequalities in health for BME and filling the gap that still exist in the refugees’ and disadvantage community.
  • Raising standards.
  • Enabling communication and collaboration in the healthcare sector
  • Providing a voice.
  • Promoting health strategic involvement to support local health strategies.

The works falls into five categories:

responding to situations and health crisis of Hispanic/Latinos in Greater London to increase access and improve health.
helping Hispanic/Latinos to restore their health and well-being to improve health, reduce death at early age and reduce isolation.
if the service provided failed to meet user’s need and or reduce concerns CAB’s case worker consider other agencies who may be have resources and specific skills and knowledge or services which only they can access.
initial assessment will be completed within seven working day and after his/her first appointment.
Leaflets delivery
in Spanish and English, delivering health events, workshops, seminars and giving presentation to churches, schools, local libraries and other organizations. We want to provide health care, medical advice and information, treatment of minor injuries and support.

  • Cook and Eat

    NHS and Casaha "Cook and Eat" programme  for the community

  • Physical Activity

    Casaha physical activity for weight control with exercise

Centro de Atencion Basica-CAB

email: casaha@btinternet.com

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